New Europe 100 Forum

27-28 October 2020
Hopin Online Platform



New Europe 100 Launches Its Next Stage – NE100 Forum

New Europe 100 continues to bring together people who have a global impact through their courage for innovation. 

The New Europe 100 network – Res Publica Foundation’s flagship project – continues to bring together people who have a global impact through their groundbreaking expertise, unique skills and social outreach. This time we joined efforts with StartUp Hub (Poland), SAPIE (Slovakia), Mindpartners (Hungary) and Dataweps (Czechia) and with the help of the International Visegrad Fund we are launching the next stage of the project – the New Europe 100 Forum – featuring top thinkers and globally successful entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe.

This year has been a disruptive period, but success-driven individuals and teams are keeping up with the challenge. On 27-28 October 2020 at the NE100 Forum we meet those who share courage for innovation and can speak about big ideas. Together we want to explore the opportunities ahead, in the time of the pandemic, and share them with the audience: students, active innovators, and young entrepreneurs. As the new reality dictates, the NE100 Forum will take place online.

Res Publica invited outstanding speakers who will share their insights on the future of education and digital business. 

New Europe 100 Forum – Preliminary Agenda

New Europe 100 Forum – Registration Form


Tetiana Poliak-Grujić
Operations Manager
Res Publica Foundation




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