Sharing post-communist cities

The first issue of the international edition of Cities Magazine (Magazyn Miasta) is dedicated to the subject of sharing.

Our history with communism along with witnessing its downfall as well as the regional transformation to a free market economy has influenced our approach to sharing. How does this concept and the necessary system which accompanies it affect our daily lives? The first issue of the international edition of Cities Magazine (Magazyn Miasta) is dedicated to the subject of sharing.

– Thanks to Shared Cities: Creative Momentum project we have mapped the social status quo of sharing in Central and Eastern Europe and presented various, though related, projects that are shaping the new urban wave and future in post-communist Europe – says Marta Żakowska, editor-in-chief of Cities Magazine.

In the Cities Magazine there are lots of examples of using theory in practice like Open Jazdow in Warsaw, PlusMinus in Cluj-Napoca, Urban Space 100 in Ivano-Frankvisk, The Alliance Old Market Hall in Bratislava and many others. There is also an interview with Dan Kalb, anthropologist and professor at the Central European University, on how we as a society view the concept of sharing.

The first international Cities Magazine is having its premiere on reSite in Prague on the 23th of June. The issue is available now on website The magazine is a part of the Shared Cities: Creative Momentum project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Shared Cities Creative Momentum (SCCM) is a European cultural platform addressing the contemporary urban challenges of European cities. SCCM is a joint project of Goethe-Institut (DE), Czech Centres (CZ), reSITE (CZ), Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (SK), Association of Belgrade Architects (RS), Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre – KÉK (HU), Katowice City of Gardens (PL), KUNSTrePUBLIK (DE), Mindspace (HU), Old Market Hall Alliance (SK), Res Publica – Cities Magazine (PL). Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. #SharedCities #SCCM2020

Magazyn Miasta / Cities Magazine is the first publication in Poland covering urban issues as diverse as green spaces, public transport, smart cities and innovation in administration. Magazyn Miasta is published in Poland by the Res Publica Foundation and the Warsaw Institute for Public Space Research, dedicated to those who are interested in topics affecting cities today, reaching out to not only local governments and city councils, but also architects, activists and scientists. More information can be found at: and Facebook profile.

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