Law and Memory

Memory laws determine the creation of a story about a place or community, and increasingly entail criminal penalties


Most states and nations are not eager to admit their own faults and reckon with the painful past. However, it seems that only governments which are deeply troubled with discovering the past and lean towards nationalist and xenophobic tendencies feel such a strong need to decree testimonies of their own heroism.

GRZEBALSKA: The weak state and its soldiers

With the militarization of collective memory, construction of Territorial Defense Forces and resurrection of the citizen-soldier figure, the civilian state model in Poland is crumbling. This transformation calls for the opposition to start an objective discussion on militarism, one that will extend beyond simple negation towards understanding the structural roots of its popularity: the weakening of the state in the era of neoliberal globalization

ŻYCHLIŃSKA: A date at the museum. Where sensuality, knowledge and power blend

The stakes are high in the museum game. It is no secret that knowledge is power.

WÓJCIK: Memory laws and and „security”

How memory laws interact with various understanding of „security”

BARANOWSKA: The right to the truth

New mechanisms and concepts that enable citizens to demand the truth about serious human rights violations from the state

CZAJKOWSKI: Will the cursed soldiers defend us?

Over the last few years, the cursed soldiers have taken over the collective imagination. This will not end well for us

KRÓL: Beyond the past – beyond time. An essay 

The journey into the unknown is tempting to those who are audacious enough to reject memory and tradition

MAZZINI: A three-dimensional conflict over Poland’s collective memory

Historical revisionism in Poland continues to cover more and more areas of the country’s recent history

NAPIÓRKOWSKI: The politics of memory analogies

We should not simply give up the politics of memory, not without a fight

STACHOWICZ: Memory and generations. On the fragility of youth in new Polish cinema

What we take for the “image of a generation” may very well be a collective fantasy about Polish youth

The article was first published in “Res Publica Nowa” nr 3/2017 and translated into English with support from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education’s research dissemination funds (contract no. 692/P-DUN/217).

Tłumaczenie na język angielski artykułów z numeru kwartalnika “Res Publica Nowa” 3/2017  – zadanie finansowane w ramach umowy 692/P-DUN/217 ze środków Ministra Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego przeznaczonych na działalność upowszechniającą naukę.

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