Visegrad Insight 1/2018 (12)

Visegrad Insight 1/2018 (12)

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Over the past several years, it has become ever more apparent that the post-Cold War era of democratic reform, socio-economic development and Western integration in Central Europe is coming to an end.

This publication is for all those whose work requires a better understanding of the region. In these uncertain times, we all depend more and more on strategic decisions and trajectories; therefore, we hope to engage readers in public discussions and feedback during a series of debates launched alongside this report as well as in an online forum at our dedicated project subpage at or you can download PDF at


Scenario 1 Triumph of Illiberalism
The sovereigntist and illiberal trend that is particularly pronounced in Central European politics becomes mainstream across the EU

Scenario 2 Central Europe Fractured
Europe regains momentum but the four Centraln European countries choose different paths and split the region

Scenario 3 Shotgun Wedding
Under external pressures, the EU – including Central Europe – becomes more integrated than ever

Scenario 4 Central Europe Spring 2.0
Younger Central Europeans launch a movement creating a new political class and new politics

Scenario 5 Security Vacuum
The transatlantic security system that has provided Central Europe’s stability collapses followed by divergent national strategies of survival

Global Trends, Ampliefied in Central Europe

Tipping Points in Central Europe’s Future

Policy Recommendations Which (Central) Europe in 2025?

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