Visegrad Insight 1/2012 (1)

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Visegrad Insight 1/2012 (1)

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Marking last year’s 20th anniversary of the Visegrad cooperation, the first issue of a new analysis and opinion journal from and about Central Europe was published under the title Visegrad Insight in March 2012. The journal is published by the Res Publica Nowa in Warsaw and led by accomplished editors from the Visegrad Group countries. It is printed biannually in English in 6,000 copies and it is also available on-line at The journal is accompanied by a weekly-updated webzine titled Visegrad Revue published by EUROPEUM Prague and available at

Both the journal and the webzine are published with the support of the International Visegrad Fund (

Read more on the Visegrad Insight webpage.


Editorial  by Wojciech Przybylski



Twenty Years After. Survey: What future will the V4 cooperation face?

Does the Visegrad Group Make Sense in Today’s Europe? Only in EU  by Aleksander Smolar

Is the Dream of Visegrad Dead? by Martin Butora

What Upcoming Challenges Must the V4 Face? by Magdalena Vašaryova.

V4 – Let It Rest In Peace by Edward Lucas

From Poor Neighbours to Partners  by Tomaš Sedlaček

Institutionalization Unnecessary by Petr Pithart

The Future of Visegrad Cooperation by Zoltan Pogatsa

Visegrad – The Europe of Small Steps by Andrzej Jagodziński

Europe of Foster Brothers by Csaba G. Kiss

20 Myths About Civil Society by Grzegorz Piotrowski


Think Tanks Watch

PASOS, A Central European Think Tank Network  by Jacek Kucharczyk and Jeff Lovitt

Gas Geopolitics. A Small Lexicon of an Immense Issue  by Martin Ehl

Playing the Slovak Piano: New Business Ideas From the New Europe. Interview with Tomáš Bella

Analysis of Pension Systems in the region  by Ondřej Schneider



Interview with Rudolf Chmel


Intelligent Mind

The Euro Crisis.Central European Lessons by Jacques Rupnik

After the Velvet Divorce. Observations of a Double Insider  by Martin M. Šimečka

Nice One, Václav Havel!  by Gyorgy Konrad


Visegrad Abroad

Lost Illusions Or New Hopes by Lucia Najšlova.

Egypt’s January Revolution and the Eastern European Experience by Nadine Abdalla

Debate Marek Cichocki, V.t Dost.l, Andrew Michta,Wojciech Przybylski

Hungarian Council Presidency: An Evaluation by Piotr Maciej Kaczyński

Forecast: Slovakia and the EU Presidency in 2016 by Peter Weiss

Time for the EU to Deal Fairly with the Western Balkans. Interview with Eduard Kukan



Generations, Ideologies and Returnees: Developments in Romanian Social Research  by Florin Poenaru

Landscape After the Battle. Doctors on Strike in the V4 by Szabina Kerenyi

Photo reportage by Krzysztof Pacholak, Daniel Polaček, Zuzana Halanova and Imre Varga



Solemnity and Violence in Central and Eastern European Urban Life  by Kacper Pobłocki



Lifting the Fog  by George Blecher

Have I Not Treated Life, I Could Not Have Spoken About the Destruction. Interview with Zoltán Halasi

Privatisation and the End of Solidarity  by Jan Nĕmec

Shock Literature  by Katerina Kucelbova.

Homogeneous Diversity: The Mirror of Social Change Orsolya Karafiath

Nothing Happened – But It Will! Konrad C. Kęder

Who Václav Havel Was and Who He Wasn’t  by Marek Sečkař


Arts/ Looking back

New Waves in the Visegrad Four: the History of an Adventure  by Ewa Ciszewska


Opportunities and Announcements

Artists In Residence Program in New York. Guidelines  by Aleksandra Grzonkowska



Bride-Mannequin and Twist-Pullover by Lajos Parti Nagy

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